May 5, 2011

When it comes to your company and being “transparent” I think it is important to be transparent.  To me it says that the company is trustworthy and has nothing to hide.  For those companies that you are sure if they are trustworthy or not, most likely you will automatically will think they are not trustworthy.  Humans naturally have trust issues and do not want to get “back stabbed.”  Being transparent tells your customers what kind of company you are.   That you are fun, humorous, serious or caring.  By being transparent you are showing the customer what type of company you are so that you are not misleading them. This helps the customer relate to you and your company.  This way they will know if you are the company they are looking for or if you are not what they are looking for at all.


Obama Video

April 27, 2011

this video got me thinking about how I want to use social media and the internet.

I think that I should make it available for users to use the social media that is convient for them. While making it logical to be using that type of social media. Social media can be used to update users about articles or upcoming special editions. It can also be used for customer service for users to address their problems and for the company to find issues that customers may have so that they can address it and fix it.  This is easier said then done, there would need to be someone who would be dedicaited to finding issues that need to be address and willing the do something about those issues.

One thing the video asked was how are you different from the competition? There are many health or fitness magazines out there. I believe mine is different because it targets the life style of those looking to exercise and eat better and also those looking for useful tips that is plausible for them to do. Another thing they addressed is finding out a client of your went with your competition and you didn’t try to get them to buy because they were not looking to buy. Social media helps in this way by keeping the client or customer up to date on what you are up to and when they are in the market you will be on their list.

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April 21, 2011

How Magazines Use Social Media to Boost Pass-Along, Build Voice

  • On Twitter, “when people really like something, they join in bursts. With Facebook, people join slowly and steadily, but continue to join all the time.”
  • “With a content brand, your business is mostly driving traffic to your site, but Twitter users don’t necessarily want to be driven to your site,” she says. “They want what they’re finding in those 140 characters to be useful.”


50 Twitter Tools And Tutorials For Designers and Developers

How To: Run Multiple Twitter Feeds on the Same Page

Jetpack: has some useful widgets to add to wordpress including a twitter widget that allows you to view twitter feeds on the sidebar


32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Facebook For – not much stuff to go off on this site but was useful in finding some useful links.

Social Plugins: plugins to use on your site where you can add a like button, activity feed, recommendations,like box, login button, registration, facepile, comments and live stream

GettyFans: total Facebook Marketing – this is a company that markets companies that want to market facebook. By looking at their portfolio it gave me a visual idea on facebook pages for companies

Facebook for Business: Opportunities and Limitations

Social Media

April 7, 2011


March 13, 2011

For me it is difficult to stay healthy and keep eating healthy things. I see the delicious food and just cant help myself but to eat it. Since I have started to exercise more, I am trying to eat healthier. So my diet will be to eat healthier where i can and to eat those things more. Most people do diets where they are practically starving themselves and eating things they would never that are gross. Then when they get their desired weight or goal they stop and go back to their old ways, and they are back to were they started. I want mine to last and to stick with me for the long haul.

I will first start by eating only things I like and enjoy and eat those more. Those will not be the only things I will eat. I have decided that while at home, I will eat the healthier things. Then, when I go out to eat I will be eating almost what my heart desires. If I am going to pay money for it I am going to eat something good. I will try my best to cut out desserts, candy and soda. The occasional reward is ok, but only one in a while.

I will start by going to the grocery store and sticking to mostly healthy foods, fruit, the little vegetables I actually like, and snacks. I am a very picky eater, so for me this is a challenge on its own. I have decided to get bunches of fruit because I love fruit. I have also got the vegetables I actually like.  Now when it comes to salads, I can be picky. I have to slice Romaine lettuce myself to get the lettuce the way I like it. Most places you get a salad from the lettuce is browned and they sometimes serve iceberg lettuce, which to me is gross and it has no nutritional value its like water. Next I got the dressing, Caesar and vinaigrettes are good. I then grab a few ingredients I like to eat with my salad and some meat to spice the salad up. Thing of different way you can mix up the salad so it does feel like the same salad or it will get old and you won’t want to eat any of it.

Now for prepping the salad. I like to premix the lettuce and dressing so I am only dressing the lettuce and not all the ingredients when it is unneccessary. Then I add the ingredients to the top. I like to add Feta cheese, shredded parmesan cheese, croutons, bacon bits, etc. Then I like to add the meat if I have prepared any. Sometimes your salad will not need all these ingredients but something simple and minimal. I plan to make a caesar salad with salmon mixed in it. I love salmon and its good for you. So this will will be a healthy delicious meal for me.

Take the actual healthy things you like and amplify it!


March 7, 2011

Just about everybody loves Ice Cream. Most of us tend to crave it and must go out and get some. Ice cream is great, except that it is not good for you. Lately it has been getting trendy for healthier options. One of which is frozen yogurt or “froyo” instead of ice cream.

Most go to the store to get ice cream, but where do you get frozen yogurt? You can get some at the store. The best way to go is to find one of the hundreds of frozen yogurt places around your town. These places have tons of flavors of yogurt to choose from. Along with a large selection on toppings to go with, such as fruits, sprinkles, candies and more.

There are two types of frozen yogurt places, self serve and one where they serve you. The one where you are served, you will go in and choose the items you want, usually have a choose between one or 2 toppings. If you want more, it will be an extra cost. In my opinion self serve is the best way to go. I love it! When you go in you get a cup and you will charged depends on the weight. When you go through the line first there will be a line of frozen yogurt machines and you can taste them to see if you like them. You can mix and  match which ever flavors you want. Next will be all the toppings and you can also mix and match to your desire. You can get as many of a topping or as many toppings as you want. Then when you are done, you put your cup on a scale and the price for your yogurt will appear.

Another alternative you could try, is to make your own frozen yogurt. This will need to be done by buying a ice cream maker. You can normally find recipes online or it will come with your ice cream maker. Basically you will need yogurt and will be adding a few other ingredients. The ingredients will need to be refrigerated for a while. The mixer bowl for your ice cream maker will need to be in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Here is a recipe for frozen yogurt from the Food Network:


  • 2 cups plain whole-milk yogurt
  • 2 cups plain nonfat or reduced-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup superfine sugar
  • 3 tablespoons light corn syrup
  • Fresh fruit or other toppings, for garnish


Whisk both yogurts, the sugar and corn syrup in a bowl until combined. Pour into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


For a soft consistency, serve right out of the ice cream maker. For a firmer texture, transfer the frozen yogurt to a covered container and freeze for up to 2 hours. Serve with assorted toppings.

Sausage Cheese Balls

February 26, 2011

During Christmas break, I took a little road trip on a RV to Tennessee, where my grandparents live. While on the road my dad’s girlfriend made some sausage balls. They were the size a pretty good sized cookie. They didn’t turn out all that great. Later on at my grandparents house, I had a small marble sized sausage balls. Even though they had to be reheated, they were very good. I couldn’t stop eating them.

Later on I discovered that my grandma gave my dads girlfriend the recipe, so these both came from the same recipe.  They both used the same ingredients but my grandmas came out better. Maybe it was grandmas special touch.

I got the recipe from my grandma before I went back home, so that I could make these delicious sausage balls myself. I finally got around to making these sausage balls. on the recipe it even indicates to create marble sized balls. So, now I have come to the conclusion that the size of the sausage balls is very important.

The recipe is very easy to do. You will need 1Ib of sausage the kind in the tube that is not precooked or pre shaped. You will also need Bisquick mix, 3 cups and cheddar cheese shredded, I bought it pre shredded You will need to put a whole package or 2 cups of it in the mix. You need to put it all into a large bowl and mix it by hand together. All the ingredients need to be very well mixed expecially the sausage. Pre heat the stove to 350.  Next will come the most time consuming part. You will need to roll small marble sized balls and place them on the cookie sheet. You need to keep it in the stove until they turn a light brown, this will not take long at all. Then you pull them out and they are done. I rotated cookie sheets because it did not take long I had some that were done before I was done making all the mix into balls.