What is Web 2.0

January 9, 2008

“What the Web 2.0″ article made me noticethe improvement that the world wide web has made these past years, which I haven’t really thought about before ready this article. This article mentioned alot of names I have never heard of and talked about things I had no clue about.  

 I have to say I have always loved Google. I use Google for everything email, search, calendar, and I even use it to write documents and save them so that I can view them anywhere. If the web didnt have the user interaction that it does today the internet would be nothing. There wouldn’t be as good results on search engines or the resources that we look and rely for things like ebay . RSS has made many things more convient, instead of constantly visting those pages or being ” out of the loop” it is all in one place to view.Web 2.0 has intersted more and more people for multiple different reasons.  So thank goodness for the things that “web 2.0” has brought to us!!!!


7 Responses to “What is Web 2.0”

  1. adelarosa Says:

    I agree that the terminology used in the article was way over my head. I am a big yahoo user but after reading this article I am excited to learn more on Google. From your reaction on it, I am sure I will love it also! I also agree that Web 2.0 is more interesting than the old applications in that it is adjusting with today’s generation. Great entry!

  2. thelev238 Says:

    I am familiar with google and done my best to stir clear of creating any accounts or accepting any cookies from them when I do use them for searhing the net. The O’Reilly article did not touch on security and privacy. With these web 2.0 companies we have the opportunity to contribute and interact, however, others, (including governments) also can have a window into our personal lives.

  3. familyradio Says:

    So far i’ve only used google as a search engine really. I wasnt aware of all it could be used for and how broad it was. I’m gonna have to try using it like you do so I can get a better understanding of it.

  4. andrewkirk Says:

    Google was and is a huge part of the web 2.0 success, but I like to focus on what we are doing now, blogging, that has made a big impact. It has allowed people to set up personal web pages and use them as personal diaries. That is part of what is at the core of web 2.0. The user and their part in the web 2.0 success. I think you hit home with your RSS point. RSS is part of what makes weblogs’ different from ordinary web pages.

  5. miyakiofsarga Says:

    I don’t think that it’s necessarily true that the internet would be nothing just very limiting, uneventful, not very progressive.

  6. Ian Lindsay Says:

    The applications that keep coming out of Google continue to suprise me. I’ve had regular experience with the myriad of new programs they keep releasing: Google Streets, Google Sky, Sketch-Up, Google Earth, Picassa…..the list goes on. The shift to free, advertising backed content that such programs are promoting is a trend that is really exciting.

    I can’t believe the talk now that programs like Photoshop could soon be entirely free on the Internet and advertising driven instead of being sold for thousands per license. Who could have imagined that a few years back?

  7. paladin13 Says:

    I too am kinda new to the wonders that are the internet and have barely even scratched the surface of Google, but I welcome it. Batchelder is right about the whole collective intelligence thing, and it’ll only become bigger.

    If it took around 10 years to shift from 1.0 to 2.0 how long do think it’ll take to go to 3.0? I think less than 5 years. Things are gonna go by so fast now there won’t be a loop to get lost in.

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