Personal Learning Enviornment

January 19, 2008

I may not have a complete understanding of what a PLE is but I have realized that we use a lot of things that are considered to be PLEs withough even noticing it, until this article. Technology wouldn’t be what it is without it, especially Social Software & Web 2. Just think to yourself and think all the things we use, like in class, as the article refers social netoworking to “web logs, wikis, tools and applications for creating and sharing multi media and tools for sharing all kinds of different personal knowledge bases including bookmarks and book collections.”

Now the part of the article about learning styles. I would have to say how can anyone not learn best from informal learning. Especially those that learn by doing, it has become a more efficient way of learning anything. Not only in school but with life we learn by our mistakes, now if we do it again thats a different story. I would have to agree with the article when it says “In education, we have tended to focus on the development of formal learning materials and have ignored the vast potential of free available ‘oblects’ of all kinds(not formal learning objects!) freely available learning purposes.” I would wish freely available objects wre used more often in classrooms, so I wouldn’t have to pay so much so thank you Mr Batchelder for not requiring a book instead the use of the free, on the web.


4 Responses to “Personal Learning Enviornment”

  1. andrewkirk Says:

    I agree with your views on informal learning. And there are a number of classes here at the Art Institute that forego hardcopies for books on the net or other web services. These can all be a part of your PLE as you continue your education here. You can add links to web sites among other things. That kind of thinking is at the core of the PLE concept.

  2. adelarosa Says:

    Before this article and even before I started at the Aii, I knew nothing of a Personal Learning Environment. I agree that after reading this I realized that I have been using a PLE all along! Of course I am just know starting with the blogs and discussions between classmates, but have realized that I have been learning by this. I would also have to agree with you that todays generation has moved far beyond just institutions and text books. If institutions don’t quickly realize that learning can only be accomplished by motivation and encouraging creativity using the web and informal learning objects, rather than focusing on managing learning, the education system will become irrelevant to many peoples learning needs.

  3. miyakiofsarga Says:

    In examining the educational system in America over the has done nothing for me. Seriously i felt like i stop learning after the 8th grade. People are different and learn well..differently. The desire that drives you to learn and content makes up who we are as individuals makes PLEs go and drive. I’d prefer learning on my own that to go into a structured class any day. Learning to teach your self is a technique that you will ALWAYS value and use because it regenerates itself with more than you put in.

  4. Razan Khatib Says:

    I agree, informal learning is where we all learned how to do our jobs and deal with life! This is exactly why I founded, and online learning network. I hope this is not taken as a cheap way of me promoting my site, but really its in beta and invite you all to participate and help me and my team grow it that is if you liked it, and of course signing up and using the site is for free.

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