How to Be heard?

February 4, 2008

there are many blogs out there which to read and which interest you. The article ” How to Be heard” was helpful to those wish to have their blog heard. but it was all pretty much basic common knowledge. like if you want to be heard put your address and blog site on things like your business card or if you have another site put a link on that too. Now how bad do you want people to see your material, depends on the effort you put into letting the word out and like the article said what you write about and how well it is put together. Not just thrown together but thought about it. However I did get use of audio and video section he talked about because I dont work with audio or video as i do with the look of a page.


7 Responses to “How to Be heard?”

  1. Wayne Says:

    Emily, I am wondering if you noticed that you had a comment from an “outside” source on your PLE article and that the linking to and reading of people who link and comment to your blog is one of the major activities that gets you involved with a larger community. This was in Stephen’s article, and I don’t see a lot of people understanding the need to be very active in others blogs to grow your own. A lot of common sense in his article, but was there nothing helpful to successful blogging?

  2. thelev238 Says:

    I am not so sure that all that was presented in the article about blogging is common sense. In the realm medical science, the format for peer review is quite different. We deal in facts and results, however, in the technological blog we seem to be dealing with some facts, but there is also the “touchy-feely” component that is not intuitive to other kinds of writers.

    Sure from an aesthetic point of view it may seem common sense, but it is much more than that.

  3. familyradio Says:

    I got to agree with thelev238 above. You’re right that much of this article was basic and already known, but I personally learned new things and tips such as citing others’ work as a way to become a search result.

  4. Ian Lindsay Says:

    I agree that some of it is common sense, but I’m not sure about placing your blog URL on something like a business card. If your blog is totally absorbed with your career or job, than this would seem like a wise idea. But I want to interweave my writing with tidbits from my personal life or other hobbies, and I therefore wouldn’t be too comfortable with making it so visible to prospective employers or clients.

    There’s nothing too crazy I would put on a blog, but it’s tough to judge the impression it gives to someone whose main motivation is work oriented. If I then have to censor what I write in order to prevent against this, it would no longer be my blog.

    Plus, the widespread acceptance of blogs I think is vastly over-estimated. Sure, within the high-tech, design, writing, and artistic fields, they feel right at home. But I have found a good amount of people who don’t think very highly of them and view them as glorified high school diaries. In these cases, I believe providing your URL might seem pretentious.

    For me, distributing my URL would be limited to people I contact through my weblog activities or for close friends, much like the system I use for social networking currently. I wouldn’t feel right about putting it on a business card, even if I was looking to increase the amount of people who read it.

  5. andrew Says:

    the video information was helpful. I thought the description on how to set up a blog and the emphasis on the “idea” being the most important aspect was the most help to me.

  6. adelarosa Says:

    I agree with thelev238 and related to the majority of what Ian Lindsay stated. For me the article wasn’t common sense. I am a newbie blogger so the information Stephan provided was very helpful for me. One thing I would suggest is focus more on how the article relates to your experience and not just restating what was said. Why did you feel the information was common sense? What would you suggest in addition to help beginner bloggers get started?

  7. Wayne Says:

    Adreana, you are doing an impressive job of responding the last two weeks. Your addition of questions is helpful for more conversation, and your definitely adding your personal value to the response.

    Ian, I have been subscribing to blogs for well over 5 years and I would challenge you to search for a field of your interest and not find quality information. Your information about blogging is coming from sources who do not value them, why not find out for yourself?

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