What do I want to learn?

February 18, 2008

I would have to say that is a very good question. Because I usually can’t define what I want regarding anything. When I started this class, of course like us all, i wanted the credit so i could move forward. But  I can’t move forward unless I understand what it is this course has done for me and what I want.I have never been good at social networking especially with those I dont know. Starting out with just classmates is a step for me. I have never been into posting or commenting unless someone has commented to me first. So this is a big change for me. I know that I can benefit from it. I want to continue to learn and develop a social network. I want to be able to open up and not care who or what i am posting or commenting but to just do it. I would say that would be a good start. I feel like I already do that more than before this course. I would like to continue at this and grow more by it, not only to classmates but with those that have the same interest or that i can learn from 


2 Responses to “What do I want to learn?”

  1. adelarosa Says:

    That is wonderful! The first step is to be comfortable with what you are doing. And you are absolutely right by saying social networking isn’t easy for some. What I suggest is don’t be afraid to ask a question or leave a comment. That is the easiest way to open up the communication line. Just as you stated, you usually don’t post/comment unless someone has for you. Just think how many others are just like you! Once you get a conversation going in two directions, you have successfully interacted in social networking. And thats only the beginning.

  2. andrewkirk Says:

    this is a suprise, I am getting the feeling from the blogs that a lot of people feel the way you do(including me). It is opossite what i heard in class. that is ok. I am trying to feel this community thing out too. It is hard for me to remember to find time to blog and comment even though it is a relatively easy thing to do. social networking is important in this field and I better start working on it or I will get left behind.

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