Podcasting and Vodcasting

February 23, 2008

Im sure a lot of you out there have had the oppurtunity to experience podcasting and vodcasting, in one way or another. I have not had this pleasure. I really know nothing about it but from my understanding you just create a file which you can load to your ipod or on you computer and view it. Im sure if I gave a crack at it I would enjoy pod/vod casting.


2 Responses to “Podcasting and Vodcasting”

  1. familyradio Says:

    You should definately subscribe to some that spark your interests. THey are…the shiz

  2. adelarosa Says:

    Its seems that the majority of our class hasn’t had the experience with podcasting or vodcasting, but we are all interested in learning how we can us it to our benefit. One thing that I am very interested in hearing everyone view on is, does podcasting/vodcasting challenge the current traditional model of classroom lectures? What are your views on that?

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