Getting Things DONE!!!!

February 26, 2008

I like to think I am pretty organized however I tend to procrastinate at certain things. I mainly organize myself digitally. Some things are organized to me and if someone where to come and invade my space would not see it as organized. I do think I have an issue with prioritizing what needs to be done first. With class work I tend to finish work that is not due for awhile versus the work that is due sooner as in tomorrow or a few hours; of course depending on what i see interesting.

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4 Responses to “Getting Things DONE!!!!”

  1. garrett88 Says:

    ya, its definatly very important to be DIGITALLY organized… nothing is worse than not knowing where things are located on your computer, what emails are spam, and well jsut dis-organization as a whole… it seems that dis organized people in the real world can sometimes be very precise organized digital people. And i try my best to finish as much of my school work early… but usually ill just work on it ebfor class or in ym free time… during breaks…

  2. Ian Lindsay Says:

    I gather from your comments that you feel comfortable with your level of organization, but I still would have like to read about your thoughts on Getting Things Done. Am I correct in saying that you don’t feel it’s something that will benefit you much more than your current system?

    I wish I could be as proactive with dealing with projects sooner as opposed to later, and that’s why GTD appeals to me. I guess it comes much more naturally to you – if indeed you don’t think GTD is a better way to go, how do you think you handle tasks differently or similarly to the GTD system? I would like to hear some different viewpoints from a “resonable organized” person before I start to undertake the first steps in GTD –

  3. adelarosa Says:

    I think GTD is about more than just being organized in one area of your life. I see it as organizing and prioritizing everything in your life so that you can visually view it from all possible angles allowing you to make choices on what you should do next.

    Since you mentioned you had a problem with prioritizing, would you consider GTD beneficial to you?

  4. Nathan Says:

    I’m pretty messy myself, I call it organized chaos. Of course that only lasts until I get sick of it and go on a cleaning binge.

    Getting things done. What does that even mean? In my life it means simply that. Don’t procrastinate, do your work as soon as you get it so you have time on the weekends to do whatever you want. It’s only possible though if you get things done.

    I like the way Larry The Cable Guy sums up GTD, Get ‘er done! That man is a genius. If he was a motivational speaker he’d be rich…oh wait he already is.

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