March 7, 2008

I use find great joy in sitting on the computer and designing a webpage. I even liked the coding. I liked looking up codes and using them. I liked to format it and fix any errors that were on the page whether with coding or images.I know there are programs that will code it for you but I rather do it myself because i have more understanding of what everything does.  However, it does come in handy to start off everything because coding everything from scratch can be time consuming and frustrating


One Response to “HTML/CSS”

  1. Nathan Says:

    Yeah it is better to know how to code yourself, especially if you’re going into IMD for a major. And yes, coding is a PIA but I look at it as a challenge and get absorbed into it as it goes along trying to make everything just right.

    And dreamweaver, stay away from it. Dreamweaver = bad for coding.

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