Resturant User Reviews

August 14, 2008


i like the simple colors they use. i like the logo but it doesn’t fit for the site. the site is still in beta. so they don’t have many states where they have reviews but good thing they have Dallas reviews but for the restaurants that are reviewed there seem to be a lot of reviews for still being in beta.

i like how the logo color and page colors tie in together. i like the simple but yet self explained log0
also how you can receive updates

logo is cute but dont really like it that much. i do like the colors though.

i like how its like a social networking site. you can have a journal or reviewed sites, and have a friends like list of other friends o

you can view a restaurant and see others reviews on it or you can review your experience at the restaurants you go to.

i like how road food as a different spin on it. its not just resturants in general but road food which is “Great regional meals along highways, in small towns and in city neighborhoods.”

the colors i don’t like that much even though they are like menuism just brighter. while menuism is more light colors. i do like the features you can see the top 10, and apparently make reservations

out of all the sites. i probably spent the most time looking around this one. it shows you a map of the restaurants and it list them. how many reviews, directions, some have pictures, and those that review the restaurant can put the price range, rating and what they thought about the place. you can also say if their review was useful to you. i like the colors, structure and feel of this site


5 Responses to “Resturant User Reviews”

  1. Justin C Says:

    Thanks for checking out Menuism. Just wanted to add a couple more things:
    1) Menuism also has dish-level ratings and reviews
    2) Menuism aggregates the reviews from sites like menupages, allmenus, grubhub, the restaurant’s own website menu, etc.

    Also, looks like some of the links to the sites aren’t broken.


  2. Ian Lindsay Says:

    I think out of all of them I like the look of Menuism the most, but is the most functional and robust site.

    The cool blue and subtle orange highlights of Menuism offer a really professional look, and the interface has a very clean feel to it. In contrast, I felt the bright orange of was painful, and the layout just didn’t have the crispness of Menuism. However, it does come down to usability, and in this regard I felt was the winner. The Google map approach is something I’m already very comfortable and familiar with, whereas Menuism isn’t as straightforward with its navigation.

    To be fair, the two sites seems to speaking to different audiences anyways. Menuism appeals to “foodies” or those that enjoy cooking and food to the point it can become a social networking tool, while seems to speak more to people who want to instantly find a spot on an on-demand basis.

  3. Jason Says:

    Glad you like our logo and website design! We are looking for restaurant reviewers too if anyone wants to write about the places the eat.

    If you have a Google Adsense id we will place it in every review you do on a 50% basis and we allow a link to your own Website too!

    Thanks Again.


  4. Jason Says:

    Sorry – Our Website is by the way.

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