Semantic Markup….

July 26, 2009

From browsing around my understanding of semantic markup… is that if it is writing well, then when someone else looks at it they can understand why something is there and what it is. Instead, of looking at it and wanting to rewrite it all or wanting to run away and never look at it again.

I hope I have some knowledge on meaningful markup… or at least learning to!

Guide to Semantic Markup for Blogs

The Semantic markup in blogs have always confused me. so i figured i didnt know what i was looking at. This is a guide on things to make our lives easier when it comes to semantic markup in blogs

Meaningful Markup

Explaining Semantic Markup


Web Design….

July 20, 2009

well designing a web page to not only look appealing but to be well organized so that users can find their way around. I’m sure you didn’t need to me to tell you that. but to me web design is almost a place i can just escape from the world. I’ve always liked dealing with codes (that i understand) i feel like a nerd when I’m in my little looking at code daze. When coding i don’t usually check it on different platforms or browsers. but after reading these articles im starting to feel like i should. If i have done it right there shouldn’t be a lot of problems. I will also assume that when coding a web page, that I would prefer CSS but then again I haven’t done much of anything else..