CSS Positioning Elements!!!

August 16, 2009


I did like how right off the bat the problem with tables and frustration was stated. because they are a pain… however they put the style in the div which i havent seen i think it might get a little lost… but i could be wrong!!!

Barely Fitz Design: Learn CSS in Ten Steps

I really liked how this was seperated into 10 steps on 10 different pages/tabs.it really seems to be 9 the last is a disclaimer! and off to the left a preview was being shown of the results. this showed me a few things i didnt know or think of trying and refreshed my memory, like i forgot about clear:both which is on the 9th step.

-on step 4 i learned if the container is relative then the div inside is set to absolute it will be set to inside the parent div.

– on step 5 that you can set the absolute and set one to 0 on top and right and the other top and left for columns instead of doing the math or trying estimate

StopDesign : Making the absolute,relative
I was a little unsure when to use absolute and relative. because i don’t think I’ve ever really used relative. so i played with relative. and after reading this a have a little better understanding when to use it. so now i will go back and use absolute in areas it seems i should instead of relative.


In Home daycares

August 6, 2009

First of all, I would like to say that the in home daycare sites I have seen give me a huge headache. the color , background, the text! It makes me want to run and never come back!!!

Baby Center: Home Daycare Licensing

Childcare Lounge:Understanding Childcare Regulations

Parent Handouts: Where Does The Money Go?

Baby Center: Signs of a Good Home Daycare

Own A Day Care: Home Daycare Provider Activites

E-How: Requirements for Home Day Care

In class, Pretty much I needed to redo or rethink my comps. To be more fun to go along with the theme daycare kids and what not. so here are 2 I did. Any thoughts would be appreciated..

Css Float Layout

August 3, 2009

hum.. what have i learned about float layouts.. well i have experienced that when setting up the with percentage.. u should leave some room for error since its not always 100% which is stated in Float Layouts @ Autistic Cuckoo.

“For one, the box being floated should have a width defined for it, either explicitly or implicitly. Otherwise, it will fill its containing block horizontally, just like non-floated content, leaving no room for other content to flow around it. Second, unlike boxes in the normal flow, the vertical margins of a floated box are not collapsed with the margins of boxes either above or below it. Finally, a floated box can overlap block-level boxes adjacent to it in the normal flow.”

—- Smashing Magazine :  CSS Float Theory: Things You Should Know

“You can float elements to the right or the left. Any element that follows the floated element will flow around the floated element on the other side.”

.. as said on about.com in the Using CSS Floats for Layout Article.

You would think that only the element you tell to float would float. but nope everything that follows also floats that way!