Progressive Enhancement

July 28, 2010

A List Apart: Understanding Progressive Enhancement

This had a comparison between progressive enhancement and graceful degradation. Then it compared progressive enhancement to a peanut M&M.

Progressive Enhancement: Paving the Way for Future Web Design

Advantages of progressive enhancement

Progressive Enhancement – What is it and How to use it? – Smashing Magazine


What is the importance of Search Engine Optimization?

It is very important for users to be able to find your website. They may need to find your phone number or a way to contact you or even just information on your company. Even if you place your website URL on every advertisement, that doesnt mean that your customers see or know you have one. It is also important for those that dont know your company even exists, it will make it easier for a user to find you when they are search for something relevant to your site.

What are its features:

  • Increase traffic count.
  • The more traffic the more likely you are to sell your product
  • The higher ranking in Search Engines

What is done to optimize a site for search engines?

  • Meta tags (keyword & description)
  • Keywords in title
  • Keywords in Headings
  • Keywords in Alt Tags
  • Keywords in Anchor Tags

Here is A List of things that can affect your ranking in search engines:

15 Minute SEO List

Why would it be important for you to add these concepts to your web design practice?

A company needs customers. If a customer cant find a phone number or location, the less customers you have. If your site is hard to find by customers they wont know its there , slowing down the traffic of the site. Websites are created to promote and access easy information on that company. If the website is doing neither then why is it there?

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Best Practices

July 16, 2010

Web Design Best Practices Checklist

Web Page Development: Best Practices

Best Practices for Speeding Up your Web Page

Best Practices in Web Design


Web Performance Best Practices

Mobile Web Best Practices