Whip together a meal!

February 17, 2011

Have you ever been low on money and hungry? Or just didn’t feel like going out to eat or grocery shopping? In times like these you need to find something you can quickly put together from things you may have in your cabinet.

First look in your cabinet for things you may have that could be combined to create a meal. I usually have rice or pasta in my cabinet. Most people always have bread or eggs. I also have cannedĀ vegetables. These are all things that can be used and combined to make a nice little meal.

Take the pasta or rice and combine it with any vegetables you may have laying around. If you have some sauce or meat, you should add it to the mix. If not go through your spice rack and add some butter with some of those sauces.

You can get creative with other things you may have in your cabinet that I do not have in mine. You could use other left overs and combine it with some of these items. But before calling it done, I would taste it to make sure it is good. If you don’t you may go to eat your food and discover it is nasty or bland. For me if I’ve decided I am done cooking and it doesn’t take right instead of fixing it, I tend to just don’t bother and don’t eat it.


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