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April 21, 2011

How Magazines Use Social Media to Boost Pass-Along, Build Voice

  • On Twitter, “when people really like something, they join in bursts. With Facebook, people join slowly and steadily, but continue to join all the time.”
  • “With a content brand, your business is mostly driving traffic to your site, but Twitter users don’t necessarily want to be driven to your site,” she says. “They want what they’re finding in those 140 characters to be useful.”


50 Twitter Tools And Tutorials For Designers and Developers

How To: Run Multiple Twitter Feeds on the Same Page

Jetpack: has some useful widgets to add to wordpress including a twitter widget that allows you to view twitter feeds on the sidebar


32 Ways to Use Facebook for Business

How to Use Facebook for Business and Marketing

Facebook For – not much stuff to go off on this site but was useful in finding some useful links.

Social Plugins: plugins to use on your site where you can add a like button, activity feed, recommendations,like box, login button, registration, facepile, comments and live stream

GettyFans: total Facebook Marketing – this is a company that markets companies that want to market facebook. By looking at their portfolio it gave me a visual idea on facebook pages for companies

Facebook for Business: Opportunities and Limitations


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