Obama Video

April 27, 2011

this video got me thinking about how I want to use social media and the internet.

I think that I should make it available for users to use the social media that is convient for them. While making it logical to be using that type of social media. Social media can be used to update users about articles or upcoming special editions. It can also be used for customer service for users to address their problems and for the company to find issues that customers may have so that they can address it and fix it.  This is easier said then done, there would need to be someone who would be dedicaited to finding issues that need to be address and willing the do something about those issues.

One thing the video asked was how are you different from the competition? There are many health or fitness magazines out there. I believe mine is different because it targets the life style of those looking to exercise and eat better and also those looking for useful tips that is plausible for them to do. Another thing they addressed is finding out a client of your went with your competition and you didn’t try to get them to buy because they were not looking to buy. Social media helps in this way by keeping the client or customer up to date on what you are up to and when they are in the market you will be on their list.


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