Communities of Practice

February 9, 2008

In the last Article we read, it was how to start a blog and be successful blogger. And this one sort of showed why its important to network or have communities. We as human beings cant know everything even in our field. And to have a community of practice we have others that are able to help you and you help them in areas which they lack or may not have knowledge of like another would. We are told to network and well this would come in handy when we are stuck for some reason those in these communities that you connect with can give you input or help you and vis versa. I like how in this article being in a team and a community are shown the differences. when you are in a team you usually have a purpose, like to complete a project and when the project is over you go in separate ways but in a community what you put in is what you get. It showed me why it is important to have communities of practice.