February 3, 2008 is better ple or lms?lms v pleIn this photo it shows the difference between a pocket utility knife that has a bunch of tools all in one or the set of individual larger tool.s All the tools may be in one but, they are smaller and just for convient quick use. Each tool isn’t as good as the real thing, but the individual larger tools perform better and have a better grip or base for better use. Same as PLE & LMS one may contain alot of the same basic qualities but the other has the ability to perform better quality work, even if it takes up more space. So which is more important the space it takes up or the outcome of the tools. this one they go thought the advantages of both lms and ples. one of which is how lms has been around and useful for around 10 years. But whos to say that just because its been around longer than ples that it is better to use. Which would you prefer to test drive, a brand new car or an old used car that many have experienced before you. Ples are more customizeable and flexible and you can choose which applicatons best fet your needs.


I may not have a complete understanding of what a PLE is but I have realized that we use a lot of things that are considered to be PLEs withough even noticing it, until this article. Technology wouldn’t be what it is without it, especially Social Software & Web 2. Just think to yourself and think all the things we use, like in class, as the article refers social netoworking to “web logs, wikis, tools and applications for creating and sharing multi media and tools for sharing all kinds of different personal knowledge bases including bookmarks and book collections.”

Now the part of the article about learning styles. I would have to say how can anyone not learn best from informal learning. Especially those that learn by doing, it has become a more efficient way of learning anything. Not only in school but with life we learn by our mistakes, now if we do it again thats a different story. I would have to agree with the article when it says “In education, we have tended to focus on the development of formal learning materials and have ignored the vast potential of free available ‘oblects’ of all kinds(not formal learning objects!) freely available learning purposes.” I would wish freely available objects wre used more often in classrooms, so I wouldn’t have to pay so much so thank you Mr Batchelder for not requiring a book instead the use of the free, on the web.