What is Web 2.0

January 9, 2008

“What the Web 2.0″ article made me noticethe improvement that the world wide web has made these past years, which I haven’t really thought about before ready this article. This article mentioned alot of names I have never heard of and talked about things I had no clue about.  

 I have to say I have always loved Google. I use Google for everything email, search, calendar, and I even use it to write documents and save them so that I can view them anywhere. If the web didnt have the user interaction that it does today the internet would be nothing. There wouldn’t be as good results on search engines or the resources that we look and rely for things like ebay . RSS has made many things more convient, instead of constantly visting those pages or being ” out of the loop” it is all in one place to view.Web 2.0 has intersted more and more people for multiple different reasons.  So thank goodness for the things that “web 2.0” has brought to us!!!!