Semantic Markup

August 1, 2008

“Practically speaking, however, semantic markup is markup that is descriptive enough to allow us and the machines we program to recognize it and make decisions about it. In other words, markup means something when we can identify it and do useful things with it. In this way, semantic markup becomes more than merely descriptive. It becomes a brilliant mechanism that allows both humans and machines to “understand” the same information.”

Digital Web Magazine

it this information wasn’t understandable from both humans and machines we would probably totally lost when trying to read it to edit or find out how something was done. which is what i would do sometimes if i wanted to know how something was done in a code.

“One key principle governs the markup on every page of your site:

Your goal is to describe each page to the search engines through the use of hierarchical XHTML tags (<title>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3> etc.) and to present them in a logical, meaningful order.”

The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs

this was a pretty good tips for doing meaningful semantic markup